Thai Massage

Thai Massage is a gift to mankind.

This powerful therapy is a combination of acupressure, gentle stretching, gentle rocking and applied yoga. These techniques work along with the Thai energy line system (ten sen), and aim to dissolve blockages in the body, to heal and restore balance to the whole human body. It uses palms, thumbs, elbows and feet to stimulate points and work lines.


Thai massage is very effective in treating headaches, knee, shoulder, back, neck pain, muscle tension and stiffness. With regular treatments, you can see your flexibility and range of motion improving as well as a general sense of relaxation and well-being. It also improves the posture, the digestive function, blood circulation and the quality of your sleep.

This incredible therapy is particularly effective for conditions such as multiple sclerosis or stroke, where there is a loss of sensation and feeling, Thai massage will help to restore it.


Your first massage will be accompanied by a health questionnaire and we will go through any specific issues, health concerns or areas of pain you might have.

Typically a Thai massage is given on a mat on the floor and lasts about 2 hours but can also be reduced to 90 minutes. The client is fully clothed and traditionally oils are not used in this massage. However oils can indeed be used in certain parts of the body such as hands, neck or face.

Thai massage is for everyone, regardless of the body shape and level of flexibility – each treatment is tailored to every person’s needs.


This is a wonderful massage for pregnant women and done mostly in a side position, padded with lots of cushions and a bean bag to allow absolute comfort for the mother and the baby. It releases tension and helps reducing stress and balancing hormone levels.


This a relatively new treatment in Thailand and it has been adapted from ancient techniques – reflexology and traditional Thai massage. It is a relaxing and invigorating treatment to the feet and lower legs where oils are applied.
It improves circulation on the feet and legs and stimulates the function of all internal organs through pressure points and it is a pleasure to receive!

Get in touch with to book a session. Treatments are held at Urban Bliss and The Little Yoga Space in Lisbon. Home visits also available.

For each new session there is an additional 20 minute foot massage.

”I experienced Sandra’s massages to be so intuitive, connected and powerful! I felt in sync with the stretches performed on my physical body.  Where I felt physical and emotional stuckness, the energy began to melt away, leaving me feeling centred, very relaxed and peaceful.  A wonderful healing experience from a very gifted therapist!” 

Anil Jangi

”Sandra has an amazing energy and strong prana in her hands. I loved the session and felt calm and energised for days – bravisima!”

Alessandra Pecorella


Tablets at Wat Pho

The historical roots of this ancient healing system (nuad pen boran in Thai) are believed to date back over 2500 years ago. The earliest roots of Thai massage lie in northern India. Once upon a time, there was a doctor known as Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha who was a personal Physician of the Magadha King Bimbisara, at the time when Buddha was alive. Dr Kumar was the source of knowledge of the massage techniques, herbs and minerals used in Thailand today.

There is very little written information on the history of this healing art and most knowledge was orally transmitted from teacher to student or set down on palm leaves in the old Pali language.

Unfortunately and for a long time, Thai Massage was considered prostitution disguised as ‘traditional massage’ but things are changing and there has been a revival of this therapy in recent years.

Thai Massage became popular and has now been considered by the people and government of Thailand as a superior method of healing ailments such as frozen shoulders, back pain and very effective as a post treatment for a stroke. They believe it to be more effective than the western physiotherapy that, even though is close to Thai Massage, ignores the manipulating of the energy points and the energy flow of the body.

Nowadays we are much more physically inactive than just a few decades ago. We sit for too long and we use phones to do most tasks and we simply don’t move! Our bodies are more fragile and prone to spinal and hip injuries. Thai Massage is more important than ever to balance this lack of movement and to help with the manipulation of the joints and muscle relief. It is becoming known as a treatment in regular western medicine but already used for centuries in hospitals in Thailand.