Celebrating this human experience.

I have been alive on this planet for over 41 human years now… And I have never been more in love and fascinated with mother earth.
I often refer to Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and deeply connect with his wise words – “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings living a human experience.” I always try to remember this if I am feeling a little low or disconnected. Closing the eyes, taking a deep breathe and connecting with the primordial source. Zooming out from thoughts, beliefs or whatever our personal circumstances are right now to remind us that we are part of something much bigger and deeper than our own little egos. Why are we here? Personally I believe we are here to care for each other, to do the inner work we chose to do and to protect mother Earth so that others can come to this planet and do their work too. Some ancient traditions believe that Earth is a karmic planet where we come as physical beings to continue our work. I believe in that too. We are alchemists working to transform lead into gold and this is a temporary journey, a transition into something very special and unique which is already here right now, in this present moment waiting to be (re) discovered.

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