The Poetry of Yin Yoga

Life is a journey. A blank canvas full of possibilities where light and darkness coexist. The darkness isn’t wrong and the light isn’t right. They are both parts of life. And life is an offering. Our body is a house inhabited by different guests – happiness, joy, anger, sadness… Yin Yoga invites you to welcome them all and to simply enjoy the marvellous and unexpected views. Yin offers you the possibility to slow down and to connect with the deeper layers of your being. I am so delighted to offer a Yin and Poetry workshop in the lazy Summer days. The journey starts with a few minutes of moving meditation to warm up the physical layers of body and create space for a Yin practice of self-exploration. The next hour and fifteen minutes are of restorative and meditative Yin poses. Our very special guest artist will delight us with poetry on each pose as we slowly withdraw from the senses and enter into a more relaxed state of being. In the last minutes, we surrender to the sounds of the singing bowls as our bodies melt onto the earth underneath us. ..

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